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Golden Heart Utilities Compost

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The production of compost produced from the biosolids at the Golden Heart Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant is a true success story for the arctic. Skeptics weren't convinced that the compost process would generate enough heat to biologically kill pathogenic bacteria to a state in which it can be safely handled, stored and applied to land during the extremely cold Fairbanks winter months. Through several tests to determine the best carbon source, the process was refined and now works extremely well year round. A mixture of biosolids, wood chips and compressed air are all it takes to produce our compost. From May through September, customers frequently line up with pickup trucks to purchase small quantities for home use on lawns, gardens and in flower boxes. The compost is also sold in large quantities for those establishing new lawns or other major landscaping projects.

Map to 4247 Peger Rd.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant at 4247 Peger Rd. [+] Larger Map

The compost is tested to ensure the absence of harmful pathogens before being offered to the public. The Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) rates Golden Heart Utilities' compost as Exceptional Quality (EQ), their highest rating for compost and it has no restriction on use.

During 2004, the compost operation processed more than 9,300 wet tons of biosolids from the wastewater treatment plant. By the end of August, the department had sold the entire 2003-2004 compost production of 9,350 cubic yards.

For additional information see our informational handout [PDF36K] about the benefits of using compost. You may also contact us.

Results of using compost in gardening.
Results of using compost in gardening.

Compost can safely be used on flower and vegetable gardens.

Pick up compost at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 4247 Peger Rd.