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Opening an Account

Becoming a utility customer is a simple process. As the owner of a residence, you will have to establish service in your name before moving in, and if you are a renter you may also have to establish service in your name depending upon the agreement you have with your landlord.

We will need the following information when you open an account:

A deposit is required for all new accounts. Deposits may be waived by completing an Equifax credit check at no cost to the customer, or with a satisfactory 2 year payment history on an account with Golden Heart Utilities or College Utilities. There is a $26.25 record fee for water, and a $26.25 record fee for wastewater. Charges for deposits and recording fees will be included on your first billing statement.

Other useful information:

In order to explain the process and provide information about obtaining services please review the links at left that may apply to you. If you have additional questions please contact us.

Laying a new water main.

Laying a new water main.