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Golden Heart Operations:
Employee doing semi-annual fire hydrant maintenance.

Employee doing semi-annual fire hydrant maintenance.

Water Distribution

The Golden Heart Utilities Water Distribution system is comprised of a series of water mains, pump and circulation stations, fire protection apparatus such as fire hydrants and valves to control flow of the water. The unique aspect of providing water service in an arctic environment is that it must be a circulating system with the water continually flowing inside the main to prevent freezing. A properly constructed water main and service connections to properties prevents the water from freezing even during the coldest portions of the winter months.

Golden Heart Utilities employees replacing a fire hydrant.

Golden Heart Utilities employees repairing a water main.

Our workforce is certified by the State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation at Level I through Level IV. Level IV is the highest attainable operator certification in Alaska.

Our water distribution system is maintained by our highly qualified workforce with routine maintenance events such as fire hydrant flushing semi-annually, start of the circulation pumps in the fall and annual exercise of water isolation valves. In addition to the scheduled maintenance we are continually upgrading or modernizing the equipment in our system.

For additional information about our water distribution system please contact us.

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